Stephen King Makes Surprise Appearance at New Brunswick High School

Sussex Regional HS gets pre-Halloween visit.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Sussex Regional High School students in Sussex, New Brunswick got quite the surprise when best-selling author Stephen King paid them a visit yesterday afternoon.

The trip came after students campaigned for over a year to get the writer to visit them before Halloween 2012. They wrote more than 1200 letters trying to persuade him to come and see their school. “I walked into the library and I kind of glanced over and I looked at him and part of my brain registered, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s Stephen King!” said student Matt Beyer to CTV Atlantic. “And the other part says, ‘No, that’s not him.’”

"I came because of all those letters. I was just blissed out to get them all," King told the students (as reported by CBC News).

King presented a writing workshop to more than a dozen students and then spoke to an auditorium with more than 80 students about being a high school teacher himself and where he draws inspiration for his books.

"I can't remember writing books because it's like dreams. That time just passes. I write from eight in the morning until about noon every day and when that time is going by for me, it just, I'm not in the world, I'm inside whatever the story is," said King (CBC News). "This is a little bit like being crazy, only they pay you for it, which is really good."

Photo: Daniel Deme / WENN