Soccer Hooligan Attacks Goalkeeper In UK

A fan attacks the opposition's keeper.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

A football hooligan attacked former England goalkeeper Chris Kirkland during an English second division match between Sheffield and Leeds last Friday sending the keeper to the ground after shoving him with both hands in the face.

The 21-year-old Leeds fan, Aaron Cawley, claimed to have been so drunk that he couldn’t remember running onto the pitch and attacking Kirkland.

Cawley pleaded guilty after telling police he had been on an all-day binge featuring a mix of beer, cider and vodka. During his sentencing the court was told Cawley only realised what he’d done when others told him and he saw himself on television.

For the third time in his life Cawley received a ban from attending football matches- this time it’s for six years.

Keeper Kirkland, who played his first game for England in 2006, provided a witness statement for the police and described the incident like being “hit by a ton of bricks.”

The attack wasn’t the only incident from the Sheffield-Leeds game. The Football Association is investigating the matter after it was reported the match also featured offensive chanting and bottles thrown onto the field. 

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