Paranormal Activity 5 and Official Latino Spin-Off Planned

The untitled offshoot, planned for Spring 2013, will feature the same demon and be filmed partly in Spanish.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


After last weekend, the announcement of a fifth Paranormal Activity seemed like a foregone conclusion. The fourth entry in the popular found footage franchise has raked in over $55 million internationally – that's over eleven times the reported $5 million budget – and thoroughly trounced its biggest competition, Alex Cross, which couldn't even generate a third of its (still small) production costs of $35 million. So, as Deadline announces, Paranormal Activity 5 is being prepped for a Halloween 2013 release date. That's not very surprising. What is surprising is that Paramount is now mounting a spin-off from the franchise, targeted at the series' large Latino audience.

The untitled film appears to be fast-tracked for Spring 2013, possibly setting the stage for two Paranormal Activity films per year if the spin-off mirrors the original series' success (and possibly setting the stage for audience apathy if the franchise becomes overexposed, but time will tell). Christopher Landon, who contributed to the screenplays for Paranormal Activity 2-4 and also wrote the teenaged Hitchcock riff Disturbia, will direct the spin-off. It will be his second feature in the director's chair after 2010's Burning Palms. The new film will feature a predominantly Latino cast and will be filmed at least partly in Spanish, but will feature the very same demon from the main franchise.

It's an intriguing way to handle a horror franchise. We're particularly eager to see if the direct connection to the main Paranormal Activity movies will encourage non-Spanish-speaking viewers to give the spin-off the same kind of cross-platform attention that the rest of the series enjoys.

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