The CW Gives ‘Arrow’ a Full Season Pickup

The DC inspired Superhero series gets an order for the back nine episodes.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

After “Arrow” debuted to the largest numbers that the CW had seen in three years, its full season pickup was inevitable. Today, the CW made it official.

As expected, “Arrow” has received an order for nine additional episodes, giving it a total of 22 episodes for the first season. The first episode drew 4.14 million viewers to the CW, while the second episode dipped slightly to 3.55 million viewers. However, “Arrow’s” viewer retention was still impressive.

On twitter, “Arrow” star Stephen Amell wrote "Best way to start a Monday? Getting picked up for your back nine episodes. Thwick."

In a brief statement, the CW President, Mark Pedowitz said “Our strategy of rolling out our new fall schedule later in the year really paid off for The CW on several levels, especially with ‘Arrow.’“

Despite Pedowitz’s contention, there has been a much softer start for the CW’s other new dramas, “Beauty and The Beast” and “Emily Owens, MD.” The success for “Arrow” is largely due to its preexisting source material, the long time superhero, Green Arrow of DC Comics. The CW also pushed “Arrow” with an aggressive advertising campaign that targeted both comic book fans and the CW’s core audience of teenage girls. The results of that campaign speak for themselves.

Earlier this fall, Wonder Woman was mentioned as a possible CW series as well, with the potential “Amazon” TV show focusing on Diana before she becomes the iconic superheroine. Given “Arrow’s” breakout hit status, the chances of “Amazon” happening may have greatly increased.

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