7 Funny Morning Show Fails!

Sexual tension, hungover anchors, awkwardly forced chipper banter -- what's not to love?

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

You're probably familiar with Morning shows. If you live in or around a city with a population over 1,000 you can most likely tune in to find two smiling, idiotic, morning show anchors smiling through gritted teeth just so they can tie one on to calm the DTs from the night before. 

And the best part is, it's live. Uncut, unfiltered live TV. That means that anything can happen. So when the cameras start rolling and these two morons have to bring you the haps on Duluth's 75th annual bake-off, you can feel the anticipation of something awful about to happen.

So, we here at CRAVE have found you seven of our favorite morning show fails from all around the internet. 



1. Aussie Anchor Unknowingly Commits an Act of Animal Cruelty:

The best part about this is that after he's shamed, he's still trying ot reel the bird in.


2. Awkward Nintendo Wii Motions:

We wonder how many kids staying home from school sick were doing the same thing? 


3. Pyschic on WGN Sucks Big Time…

Bazooka Joe is a better fortune teller than this chick. 


4. Jet-Pack Guy Can't Catch a Break:

Boba Fett would be ashamed of you, sir. 


5. Bridge Imposion Gets Awkward…

Zero points for style. 


6. Tom Hanks Drop the F-Bomb on Live TV

Please, like he didn't say it a million times in Toy Story


7. Wrong Music?

Could have been worse… Oh wait, no it couldn't…