The Weekly Crave Wrap-Up 10/20/12

Your look back at the week in film from ComingSoon, CraveOnline, ShockTillYouDrop and SuperHeroHype!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Paramount Previews Jack Reacher, Pain & Gain, Jack Ryan, Transformers 4, World War Z & More!

The studio previews all its upcoming films.

Ghostbusters 3 Planned for Summer 2013 Shoot

Everyone's back… except Bill Murray.

David Fincher Wants to Take Brad Pitt 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The director wants to reteam with his Fight Club star for his first sci-fi film since Alien 3.

Jon M. Chu Talks Masters of the Universe

The G.I. Joe: Retaliation director praises the screenplay for the TV adaptation.

The New Jack Reacher Trailer is Here!

It's Tom Cruise vs. Werner Herzog on December 21, 2012.

Terror Cult: The Video Nasties

Our new weekly series introduces a different horror subgenre every week, starting with banned films.

Ten Easy (and Awesome) Movie-Themed Costumes for Halloween

Low on cash? Eager to unleash your inner movie geek? We've got you covered.

Exclusive Video: Michael Jai White on Black Dynamite 2

The star of the hit cult comedy reveals plans for the sequel.

Alex Cross: Red Carpet Premiere [Exclusive Video]

Tyler Perry, Rob Cohen and more talk about the production and reveal their favorite Madea movies.

The Myth of Macho: Full Metal Jacket

Does Stanely Kubrick's Vietnam War classic qualify as Carrie, for men?

Texas Chainsaw 3D Set Report

A behind the scenes look at the new film that ignores both the remake and the prequel.

The Teaser Trailer for Carrie is Here!

The remake of the Brian De Palma classic comes out on March 15, 2013.

Sam Raimi is NOT Directing the Poltergeist Remake

The screenwriter debunks the popular internet rumor.

Open Road Takes Machete Kills, Amber Heard in New Photo

Robert Rodriguez's sequel is due in 2013, and your first look at Amber Heard in a beauty pageant costume.

Hitchcock Weighs in on Theater Cell Phone Use in This PSA

A viral marketing campaign the master would have been proud of.

Ant-Man Gets a Release Date!

Edgar Wright's long-awaited superhero film is the first Marvel Studios release after The Avengers 2.

Warner Bros. Plans Justice League for 2015

With the rights to Superman finally settled, the studio plans its own big team-up movie.

Clark Gregg to Return as Agent Coulson on TV!

Phil Coulson comes back from the dead, maybe, on the television series "S.H.I.E.L.D."

The Official Synopsis for Iron Man 3

Find out what Tony Stark is in for next year in his third movie.

New Set Video Shows Off RoboCop and His Motorcycle

Robocop's got a new set of wheels in Jose Padilha's sci-fi remake.