The B-Movies Podcast #90: Crapwolf

Bibbs and Witney dread some upcoming comic book movies and review Alex Cross, Paranormal Activity 4 and Atlas Shrugged: Part 2.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Is the world ready for a high octane super CGI Inch High Private Eye movie? That's what Witney thinks we're going to get with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man, one of several upcoming comic book movies that William "Bibbs" Bibbiani and "Professor" Witney Seibold are skeptical of in this week's B-Movies Podcast! Betwixt their deep-seated concerns, picking out the best breasts in the Friday the 13th franchise and confessing their love for Cleo from "The Catillac Cats," they also review Alex Cross, Paranormal Activity 4 and Atlas Shrugged: Part 2. Which of those films does Witney describe as "one Lou Diamond Phillips away from a TV movie?" You'll have to sit through all the latest movie news and whatnot to find out: Transformers 4 casting "news," Ernest P. Worrell gets a new movie, Justice League and The Avengers 2 duke it out in 2015, Chronicle 2 runs into studio interference, Alex Cross already gets a sequel, Heathcliff heads to the silver screen and Black Dynamite 2 goes all Blazing Saddles on us.

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All this and the genius that was Capwolf in The B-Movies Podcast #90: Crapwolf! 

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