7 Leap of Felix Parodies

One small step for Felix Baumgartner, one giant leap for—aaaaah oh my god!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Recently, daredevil Felix Baumgarner performed a record high sky dive from 24 miles above the Earth! We don’t see space jumps often, so it’s no surprise that his achievement inspired many folks to parody the death-defying feat. Here are 7 Leap of Felix parodies (none of which are sponsored by Red Bull):


Unreleased Audio

Then he did throw up. All the Red Bull, many times.


The Landing is Very Difficult

…and that’s the tooth. (*Rimshot*)


Lego Space Jump

I bet Lego Baumgartner shit bricks when he was up there.


Felix Baumcuddler

They told him not to leave the door open!



This guy’s coming for your record, Felix! So… nothing to worry about.


Felix Finds Lost Soccer Ball

That was a fairly powerful kick.


World’s Shortest Freefall

That’s the most necessary parachute ever.


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