New Seaon Of “Ice Pilots NWT” Premieres Next Month

Hit Discovery show is back for season 4.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

It seems viewers can't get enough of "Ice Pilots NWT", as the show is coming back for season four next month.

The immensely popular docu-series following the adventures of the maverick Arctic airline, Buffalo Airways, promises to enthrall viewers with tales of Buffalo's extraordinary vintage warplanes servicing remote communities in the extreme conditions of Canada's North in its upcoming season.

Season four takes Buffalo – as well as viewers – to new places and new heights. The airline sends water bombers to South Korea, battles it out with Transport Canada and struggles to keep the business going in whatever manner they can. And as all this drama unfolds, everyone from rock stars to the Prime Minister drops by Buffalo for a visit. In one of the most compelling episodes to date, the turbo‚Äźprop Lockheed Electra gets in serious trouble when the bitter cold wreaks havoc on the plane’s landing gear, and Captain Ray Weber has to put down this beast of a cargo plane without a right wheel.

“Although Buffalo has become a famous airline worldwide and attracts everyone from tourists to VIP’s, the work to keep the planes flying all winter goes on,” said Executive and Series Producer David Gullason in an official press release. “Keeping the planes flying – no matter what – is job number one for Joe and Mikey.”

"Ice Pilots NWT" takes off on Wednesday, November 7th at 10:00pm on the History network.