Ryan Nyquist and Dew Tour Coming to NBC

Ryan Nyquist, the all-time Dew Tour leader in BMX Dirt event wins, will compete this weekend at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

Ryan Nyquist, the all-time Dew Tour leader in BMX Dirt event wins, will pedal over to NBC Sports Network tonight (Oct. 19) at 7:30 pm ET – and Saturday, October 20 on NBC at 1:30 p.m. ET. – for Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

A true veteran of the BMX tour, Nyquist will lead the BMX field, while Skate Street is also set to take over the Bay Area-based ecvent. San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza in front of City Hall with host some of the top athletes in skateboarding, BMX and FMX the Dew Cup. Tour favorites like fellow California natives Paul Rodriguez and, Ryan Sheckler will join Nyquist.
Brand new for 2012 is the Streetstyle event, which transforms one San Francisco street into a skate and BMX run.

As he prepares for the SAn Francisco competion, Nyquist took a few moments to connect with Crave Online. While still a yuoung man in just about every other profession, he’s well-toured veteran in the BMX game – offering a unique perspective on competiing in a vibrant, extreme sport.

CRAVE ONLINE: When did you realize that riding that bike would be more than entertainment for you and would become a professional passion?

Ryan Nyquist: I think the first moment it really sunk in was when I made the decision to stop going to college and start riding full time. It was a do or die type of decision and went against what my parents wanted for me. So, really I didn't have much of a choice except to make it work and do everything I could to succeed.

CRAVE ONLINE: How did you get involved specifically in the Dew Tour?

Ryan Nyquist: Well, I started as just being invited as a rider. But since then its developed into a much greater relationship – giving input on a number of things including course design and contest formats.

: You guys tour together and compete regularly. How do the guys get along on the road between events?

Ryan Nyquist: It's great! It's like an extended family. Everyone has a good time hanging out and sharing stories. It really is a unique situation we are all in so you bond quite well knowing that everyone is in the same, or similar, situation.

CRAVE ONLINE: You compete at different kinds of venues – including dirt tracks outside, arena constructed courses and setups like this San Francisco event. Do you have any preference? Any favorite?

Ryan Nyquist: I love unique event venues. This year, the Dew Tour has definitely created that. Anytime you have an event somewhere where you usually wouldn't see that type of thing is awesome. I do love the arena though. No sunburn!

CRAVE ONLINE: You're the all time Dew Tour BMX Dirt wins leader. How long do you see yourself competing, performing, etc.?

Ryan Nyquist: As long as my body is willing and it puts a smile on my face.