6 Geek Presidential Candidate Endorsements

We've got the skinny on who your favorite characters want to see elected President this November!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Presidential endorsements are a huge deal. In a critical swing state like Ohio or Florida, the right endorsement can mean electoral rock-stardom or complete and utter failure. Same goes for the mythical realms of Middle Earth, Gotham City, Westeros, and the Mushroom Kingdom. With the 2012 election right around the corner, we here at CRAVE believe it is our duty to find out who are favorite geek characters are voting for and why. 

Take a look: 

Tywin Lannister for…. ROMNEY!

WHY: Both Mitt Romney and T-Bone Lannister are huge supporters of money. Making it, saving it, and holding it over other people's heads. Not to mention the fact that they have extremely odd family lifestyles and probably a fair amount of genuine distain for trusting anyone that offers "change" to the status quo. Also, Tywin Lannister is afraid of the dark, just like Romney. 


Gay Mario & Luigi for… OBAMA!

WHY: Since President Obama has publically come out in favor of gay marriage, there has been a reasonable amount of support and criticsm for his change in ideology. But not for the two gayest men in all of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi. Not only are they part of the working class, they're also renegade freedom fighters tired of sticking with the stereotypical notion that all plumbers must visit a mystical land in order to save a WOMAN from a turtle/dragon monster. 


Scrooge McDuck for… ROMNEY!

WHY: Because they're both job creators! Romney has a track record of creating job, apparently. And Scrooge McDuck employs hundreds of people on all the wacky adventures he goes on with his grand-nephews. Fun fact: They both horribly scarred thier bodies as children when they both tried to jump into a  smelting pot. 


Poison Ivy for…. OBAMA! 

WHY: Obama has been about green energy his first-term (not that any of it really paid off), and Poison Ivy is a hippie-chick psychopath with strong opinions. Need we say more?


Ernst Stavro Blofeld for… ROMNEY!

WHY: The James Bond arch-baddie, Blofeld is a huge plan of having massive terrrorists organizations in hollowed-out mountains, caves, you name it. Rumor has it he's offered his endorsement to Romney in hopes of securing Mt. Rushmore for a new top-secret base and FroYo shoppe. 


Pvt. Vasquez for… OBAMA! 

WHY: Immigration reform. Though recently, Vasquez has taken a hard grenade-launching stance against immigration on the LV-426 Colony. Oh, and they're are not fans of Bill Paxton.