Alex Cross Sequel is Already in the Works

Tyler Perry will return in Double Cross, based on the 13th novel in James Patterson's series.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Someone must have an awful lot of faith in Alex Cross. The action thriller, coming out this weekend, reboots James Patterson's "Alex Cross" film franchise after two Morgan Freeman movies, and raised eyebrows across the country by casting Madea star Tyler Perry in his first potential blockbuster role. Only time will tell if audiences respond to Perry as an action hero, but the film's production company, QED, doesn't want to wait four more days to find out for themselves. They're already planning a follow-up, Double Cross, an adaptation of Patterson's thirteenth novel in the series. Tyler Perry would return in the title role, but no word yet on director Rob Cohen.

The plot for Double Cross, originally published in 2007, goes a little something like this, according to Patterson's own website: "Just when Alex Cross's life is calming down, he is drawn back into the game to confront a criminal mastermind like no other. The elaborate murders that have stunned Washington, DC, are the wildest that Alex Cross and his new girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, have ever seen. This maniac adores an audience, and stages his killings as spectacles in public settings. Alex is pursuing a genius of terror who has the whole city on edge as it waits for his next move. And the killer loves the attention, no doubt–he even sets up his own Web site and live video feed to trumpet his madness."

The story also includes the return of Kyle Craig, a serial killer whom Cross had previously encountered in the novels Roses Are Red and Violets Are Blue, but we wonder if QED is interested in alluding to previous, unseen villains in the franchise when they're re-establishing Perry's version as a complete reboot. Alex Cross adapted the twelfth novel in Patterson's series, but staged the events so that they would play as an origin story, so the sequel may have to do some shuffling of its own in order to play out as the second chapter.

Will Alex Cross be successful enough to warrant a sequel in the first place? We'll find out on Monday, now, won't we?

CraveOnline will be back with more Double Cross news when… wait, "double" cross?! Holy crap, we just got that.