Mitt Romney’s Binders Full of Women

Thanks for saying dumb things Mitt.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Mitt says one moronic thing and the internet fixates on it and explodes in viral madness, as this meme takes over in the heated battle. We should all have Binders full of women to show these video to!


You can now find the Binders Full of Women taking their own life as a tumblr, twitter account, facebook page, and in these great videos.

‪davidjsweeny Acoustic tribute

Binders full of women, and wife beaters full of ukulele falsetto goodness.


‪Hanna Silver Live song

Does a live performance on a youtube Google Hangouts, skip ahead to about a minute and 40 seconds to jump over the technical problems.


‪bobjenz A totally real commercial from 2003

Hal Hanker has Binders full of women, that even YOU can check out. It’s like a binder full of women library.


‪Jonathan Mann Song #1386

This is pretty much the most annoyingly catchy song of the batch. So watch with caution.


‪TheRossEverett BOW Infomercial

This is an important distinction from the real Binders of Women. Learn stuff!


‪HuffPostLive Mash Up

Brings out the musical Mash Ups! And that’s all she wrote, and then put in to a 3 ring binder.