British Pro Wrestling Is WAAAY Crazy

[Video] Welcome to Insane Championship Wrestling.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

The following videos are NSFW, watch them in front of your boss at your own risk 🙂


I've made it a point to talk about wrestling as much as humanly (humanely?) possible here at CRAVE Online… or at least as much as my editor will allow, which is rare. And yes, I've covered the types of dating advice a wrestler can give you, but it made me wonder what our brethern over the pond are doing.


Thanks to the good documentarians over at VICE we can now know that answer. And that answer is disturbing as well as completely amazing.


Over here in the United States and over the world, Vince McMahon's WWE has essentially monopolized the market in many people's eyes. Unfortunately there are usually not enough BDSM practicioners, transexuals, and out-of-shape deliquents in that organization anymore. It's a little too… corporate right now in my mind.


If you wanted to see what a cockney wrestler folk hero looks like, look no further than this man: Grado



Here is the debut episode of VICE's The British Wrestler below, in which we are introduced to our hero:



And for a look at the sexy debaucherous wrestling underground in Scottland look no further than the aforementioned Insane Championship Wrestling. Yeah, it's a bit of a culture shock:



For the rest of this series (just two other parts mate!) Visit VICE


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