5 British YouTubers You Should Be Watching

A beginner's guide to the finest video makers the UK has to offer...

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Television. Who needs it? If you go onto YouTube right now I can guarantee that you'll find at least three short video clips that are funnier than any comedy sitcom you'll find on the idiot box sitting in your living room. Many of these funny videos are coming from good ol' Great Britain, home of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, poor dental hygiene and irony.

With that being said, here are 5 British YouTubers you SHOULD be watching:



You may have already seen his '41 Accents' video, but Chris Kendall a.k.a. Crabstickz is more than just an impersonation of the racist stereotype crow from Dumbo – he's also the funniest one-man act on all of the internets.



Alex Day a.k.a. Nerimon doesn't have the highest of production values out of everyone on this list, but who needs a high-definition video camera when you can garner yourself an audience just from your sarcastic analysis of a book? He's also had quite the successful music career, which you can read about in our interview with him right here.



Comedy troupe The Unexpected Items don't have nearly as many subscribers as they should do considering how incredibly funny they are, as evidenced in the above video.



Khyan Mansley a.k.a. Khyan1's unique and surreal brand of humour covers everything from sinister banana enthusiasts and advice on how not to make your girlfriend leave you. Watch him. Watch him NOW.



Last but certainly not least are Peter and Chris a.k.a. epicnewsdaily, who have created quite a following thanks to their deconstruction of terrible Irish reality TV show Tallafornia. Aside from picking apart the awful lives of idiots and morons, they've also made videos on the musical monstrosity that is the Eurovision song contest and YouTube's large-chested yet thick-headed Reply Girl