Teams Put Up 172 Points In Football Game

The point total was a record in this state for a Class 1A eight-man football.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It was a wild night this past Friday for anyone who attended the Triad Timberwolves/Elkton High class 1A eight man football game. In fact, it was so wild that only defensive purists would have been jumping out of their seats as the two schools combined for an Oregon state record 172 points.

The Timberwolves (5-1) prevailed in the high scoring contest 106-66 and came within three points of besting the state record of 108 points scored by a single team in a single game, set by Mt. Vernon against Ukiah in 1961. That record could have been attainable as well, but Triad took a knee on their final four plays instead of scoring.

“We were at the one-foot line and took a knee on the last four plays,” coach Kyle Petrik said. “We were hoping to show some class.”

In total, Triad scored 16 touchdowns on 17 possessions, a national record. The Timberwolves Junior quarterback Gabe Ovgard ran for 316 yards and nine touchdowns and passed for a score for the Timberwolves, who rushed for 654 or their 815 total yards. Elkon (3-3), by comparison, posted 581 total yards of their own during the contest.

For their season, Triad is averaging a state best 70.5 points per game and are just fractions away from owning that record as well. The current state record for scoring average is 70.7, set by Huntington in 1969.

And for those of you who are possibly chiding the Timberwolves for running up the score; don't.  They had a good reason. Special District 2, which Triad is in, determines tiebreakers by point differentials, thus the need to keep scoring.

“And obviously, if you get to 45, you can get a running clock,” Petrik said.

With the amount of scoring that Triad has put up over the season, that leaves but one question to be asked: How good must a team be to defeat them this year?

If you can get the W on a team averaging 70 points per game, then you have to be pretty talented.

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