Jordan Memorabilia Sells For Big $

You’ll never believe how much this bizarre McDonald’s item sold for on eBay.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

During his prime in the NBA, Michael Jordan wasn’t only growing a dynasty on the court with the Chicago Bulls, he was growing an advertising dynasty. He revolutionized the footwear industry, graced the cover of several different video games and was even the first person McDonald’s named a sandwich after, back in 1992. Almost every piece of merchandise imaginable was slapped with his name.

That’s right, while Jordan was winning NBA Championships, McDonald’s was pumping out the ‘McJordan Special’ – a quarter pounder with bacon and special barbecue sauce.  The same sandwich was also available for Larry Bird and Boston Celtics fans. 

Nearly 20 years later, a gallon of the sandwich’s key ingredient turned up on eBay.  According to the seller, Mort Bank – a former McDonald’s owner-operator in North Dakota – the gallon of McJordan barbecue sauce sold for $9,995.00 on the website and was purchased by an anonymous man from Chicago.  Go figure, it was most likely a Bulls fan that decided to make the investment.

Bank recently spoke with ESPN Chicago and had this to say about the item:

“I've got quite a bit of McDonald's memorabilia. This was on my shelf, and my daughter who helps me with eBay said, 'I wonder what something like this would be worth?'  I said, 'I can't imagine anyone else saved it.' It only could have been another owner-operator. We decided to see what we could get.

The 65-year-old Bank admitted that he wasn’t a Bulls fan, but rather a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers – from back when the team was the Minneapolis Lakers, and he is also a former Minnesota Timberwolves season ticket holder.  It wasn’t the first time he placed the sauce on eBay, however.  Several months ago he put the item up but the minimum price of $10,000 likely scared off bidders.  Bank then decided to try again after receiving offers for close to $1,000.

Now we’re no barbecue connoisseurs, but that better be some damn good sauce for that price.  It’s amazing that there’s still a market out there for one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, despite the fact that he’s been retired for almost a decade.  Either way, it’s still one of the oddest sports memorabilia that we can remember being auctioned off online. 

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Photo Credit: Ray Grabowski/Icon SMI