21 Fun Things To Do After The Election

FUN projects and ideas to beat the post-election blues!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

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I know we all love a good political slamdown every now and again. And 2012 has given people of both parties an opportunity to do what they do best, shove each other’s opinions down each other’s throats.

But after the party’s over, and we realize that not much changes no matter who’s in office… what’s a little 18-35 year old political person to do?

So I decided to put on my Martha Stewart hat. I might have some suggestions:


1. Get some fresh air… and take down all those sandwich boards on your front lawn, it's time to hang the Christmas lights!

2. See how much your Obama buttons go for on eBay. You'll need the money to buy more glitter pens.

3. Figure out how to “green” your home up a little. Try not to go bankrupt!

4. Add paper laterns to your local coal mine, a little splash of color in the workplace really improves that "clean coal" morale!

5. Fly over to Beijing and wag your finger to show you’re “tough on China”. Then bring back some tea leaves for your potpourri arrangement.

6. Create a decorative centerpiece out of all those political mailers you got the last three months.

Like this, but with a Tea Party endorsement!


7. Clean your dishes out of the sink. But actually clean them. No cheating!

8. Pay some happiness forward. Lend some money to a kid who wants to go to college!

9. Send politically passive-aggressive Christmas cards to all your friends when your candidate doesn’t win. Time to use those glitter pens!

10. Have your own “mock debate” with friends! Just add some pumpkin spice cocktails!

11. Build a 'Big Bird' birdhouse for the backyard… because depending on who wins, he might need it once he's out on the street!

12. Planning a wedding can be fun, so go get married! (to the opposite sex of course)

13. … now that you’re married you can help stop gun violence by dropping a clip… of fondue into a bowl and heating for 30 minutes!

14. Make macaroni pictures of your favorite Constitutional amendment!

Steven Colbert is my favorite Constituitional amendment


15. Go camping for the weekend… make sure to securely strap “Trigger” down on the roof!


16. Make fun scrap book binders for all the ladies in your life. Cause organizing means you care!


17. Start a small business! (But make sure you don’t hire any illegal immigrants)

18. Visit retirement homes and explain medicare fiscal policy to them… now they’re all asleep. It's a good thing!


19. Plant a tree!… but only on public land… wait, we’re using that to drill for oil? Okay. Maybe skip the tree.


20. Don't like a friend's political stance? A few wadded up pipe cleaners in the ears does wonders for your peace of mind!


Like this, but with less religious tolerance!


21. Go on tour of Europe. Make sure to stop in Spain and Greece, I hear travel is dirt cheap there! This trip will inspire you for more projects to come!




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