Halloween How-To: Movie-Style Black Widow

Do you want to snazz it up as ScarJo's Natasha Romanoff this 'ween? Here's a handy instructional video!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Black Widow Cosplay

Well, it's Halloween time, kids, and that means it's time for dress-ups and look-at-mes. We all know the trite cliché that is the "sexy _____" costume for ladies (or, worse yet, dressing as a cat just by wearing little ears and painting whiskers on your cheeks). True, it's hard to complain about that if you're a straight dude, but you can be hot and also not just cut cleavage holes in a cop's uniform or something.

This year seems primed to see our share of kickass lady Avengers, given he crazy success of that one movie you may have heard about. So if you want to figure out how to build your own cool Black Widow costume similar to what Scarlett Johansson wore as Natasha Romanoff in the film, look no further than this instructional video featuring cosplayer Kit Quinn. Once you've got the basic SHIELD uniform going, you can likely tweak it just enough to make it into a Maria Hill look, too.

Check it out!



And of course, you're going to want the make-up know-how as well, right? Here you go.



Now you or a lady you know can gussy it up secret agent style. I'm sure you can see how that's a party, right?