7 Funny Videos Starring Pac-Man

Chomp through this maze of hilariousness!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

I’m coming down with the worst case of Pac-Man fever. I need a cure or I don’t stand a ghost of a chance! So far, I’ve tried eating cherries, bells and keys. Also, penicillin’s not helping. I’m guessing I should waka waka waka this way and check out these 7 funny videos starring Pac-Man:


Pac-Man’s Pac-Wedding

If you like it than you should put a ring… around it? How does that work?


Pac-Man in Real Life

Of course he visits grocery stores. Where else is he gonna get all those precious cherries?


Pac-Man: Now At Arby’s!

It looks like his eyes are X’d out. Did he die from eating a Beef and Cheddar?


Ms. Pac-Man

Wait for it…


Human Pac-Man in Chairs

What? What? What?


Pac-Man vs. Mario

Pac-Man should stay away from pole dancing classes.


Pac-Man Plays Skyrim

Scene from a happy marriage.


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