7 Funny Videos About Craigslist

A casual encounter with comedy.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Everyone uses Craigslist. Of course, everyone uses toilets too, but that doesn’t mean they’re always sanitary. The site is full of helpful listings, as well as listings from the shadiest of the shady. So we posted a gig for comedians to make fun of Craigslist and when no one but 1 homeless guy responded, instead we found these 7 funny videos about Craigslist:


Craigslist Dating

Help Wanted: Someone who’ll let me BLEEP her BLEEP. Those aren’t censored words, I want to actually bleep a girl.


Conan Audience Craigslist Ads

Mustachioed man seeks sense of humor about himself.


Awkward Craigslist Prank

Help Wanted: Someone to listen to my farts.


Speed Dating: Actors Performing Craigslist Posts

Help Wanted: Get me out of this awful speed dating event.


Strange Car From Craigslist

Help Wanted: Scientist who will help me repair the space time continuum.


Dramatic Reading of a Craigslist Ad – “Reba”

Single white female seeking frog leg chef who smells nice for once.


“Weird” Al Yankovic – Craigslist

Drugged-out male celebrity seeks baby to light fire.


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