The Big List: Invasion of iPhone Privacy! Nintendo Zapper Banned!

Apple wants to spy on your iPhone again. Plus: College vs. NES Guns

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to go on an adventure, throw a ring into a volcano, become a hero, help the economy of an entire country, get put onto a coin, wisely decide not to throw the coin into said volcano and check out these links!


Apple Quietly Tracking iPhone Users Again

Don’t want to be tracked by advertisers? There’s an app for that, but it’s tricky to figure out, because of course it is.


If You Vote For Obama, This Guy Might Have To Fire You

According to the memo David Siegel sent all his employees. Let them eat change!


Hobbit Coins To Nerd Up New Zealand Economy

Also, New Zealand’s elderly will now be referred to as “wizard folk.” 


University Shoots Down Gaming Poster

I get this strange feeling that somewhere, a dog is laughing at them.


Mustache Hall of Fame

Who’s on top of the ‘stache stack?


That’s all for this revolutionary (read: sneaky!) edition of The Big List.


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