TWIH Oct.13 &14

Breaking the sound barrier, The Cuban Missile Crisis, and underage sex.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

History doesn’t just happen during the workweek you guys.

Here are some significant historical events that happened this weekend! And no, I’m not talking about that raging kegger that happened last year at Jim’s house.


1950 – Jimmy Stewart stars in Harvey

What has been called an endearing story of a man and his imaginary friend has now– through the lens of history– been correctly seen as a cautionary tale about mental retardation. Remember folks… in the 1950s sanitariums worked better when you could beat the patients back to health!


1967 – The American Basketball Association Debuts

Although being the origin of the slam dunk contest, “Dr. J” Julius Erving, and the 3-point shot, the ABA was absorbed by the larger NBA in 1976… which would still struggle to get anybody on planet earth to care about the regular season. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PLAYOFFS BABY!


1966 – McNamara claims that the Vietnam war is progressing satisfactorily

…what the Secretary of Defense was actually referring to was the “satisfactory” early drafts of Miss Saigon that he wrote under his pen name, Claude-Michel Schonberg.


1943 – Italy declares war on Germany

Meanwhile, on Survivor:

“Look, America, we won the bug eating contest and booted Mussolini out of our alliance… if you’re willing to team up with us against Germany, we’ll vote for you at the next immunity challenge.”




1975 – Trail Begins for Ronald De Feo Jr. in Amityville (Yes, that Amityville)

The brutal murder of his entire family was nothing compared to the murder of the housing market in the nearby neighborhood. You try being a realtor in Amityville:

Prospective homeowner, “So are there any good schools nearby?”

You, “No, but there are the spirits of dead children down the street!”


1962 – The Cuban Missile Crisis Begins

This would be the signature event of JFK’s presidency, subtly negotiating and diffusing the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, the real winners were the makers of historically based table top games, because the alternative to this event is a pretty cool game scenario.  


1957 – “Wake Up Little Susie” Becomes the Everly Brother’s First #1 Hit

But the song was banned in Catholic dominated Boston because of it’s insinuations to hot, hot teenage sex. I mean c’mon, who falls asleep at a drive-in movie until 4am? When I was 16 I’d be dry humping some chicks heart out!

1947 – Chuck Yeager Breaks Sound Barrier

…by ripping THE BIGGEST fart in recorded history.


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