Terry Bradshaw Slams Drew Brees, Saints

The former QB great has a few choice words about how the QB celebrated his latest record.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Terry Bradshaw is a beloved and renowned TV personality who can make even the surliest of sports fans smile on Sunday. Before his current commentator fame, Bradshaw was an All-Pro quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 1970's, which was one of the most dominant decades that any NFL team has ever had.

A winner of four Super Bowls, Bradshaw has earned the right to speak his thoughts on all things NFL. Unfortunately for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, his breaking of the 'consecutive games with a touchdown' record previously owned by Johnny Unitas wasn't something that impressed Bradshaw.

In an interview with WFAN in New York this week, Bradshaw let his opinion be known of what Brees and the Saints 'accomplished' this past weekend.

"(The record) didn't blow me away," Bradshaw said. "I'm not much on that stuff … I'm not into records, fellas. I'm just into winning football games. (The Saints) hadn't won a game … I'm not into records, I'm into winning Super Bowls … These things aren't important. We lose sight of why we play. We play to win and to win championships, not to break records."

Not stopping there, Bradshaw then turned his sights on what he thought about how Brees went about breaking it, as well as who he invited to watch it happen.

"I was a little upset that (Brees) went to the NFL to get (suspended coach Sean) Payton and everybody back to watch him break a record," Bradshaw said. "I'm like, 'Are you kidding me?' I never would have gone and asked for them back … I thought it was disrespectful to the San Diego Chargers. … So break it, go ahead. Hell, you're throwing it 50 times a game … I'm just against stuff like that. I just don't believe in doing stuff like that."

So is this a legitimate gripe from a former NFL star or is this just another case of another old timer coming out with another version of 'back in my day, we would have blah, blah, blah'?

Personally, I will put this into the old timer section.

Drew Brees has earned the right to celebrate his accomplishment. Sure, the Saints have won only one game this season but Brees has been masterful so far this year. His resume speaks for itself. He has led the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl title and he has earned the hardware for a franchise that has mostly been the joke of the league.

I do agree with Bradshaw in his opinion that they should play to win the games, not break records. But when you have fought so hard to achieve a tough record, you deserve to be honored. Football is a team game but it is a team game made up of individuals doing different things. And when they do those things great, then props should be given.

Of course now that it's past, the Saints should get on to winning a few more games.

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