Bloody Mary Time!

Blood Mary List, Bloody Mary List, Bloody….AHHHH!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Bloody Mary is a spooktacular mind thrilling prank that can be played anytime of year, but with Halloween high tailing it in to our lives this is a great time to put together a list of some great Bloody Mary sketches, pranks and fun videos.


The Bloody Mary Prank

Let’s start things off with a sample of the classic

and now onto something even creepier than a chunky dude in a jersey.


Bloody Mary – Moon County

This great sketch by Moon County could actually be scaring, and not just scarring. You’ll never unsee this


Bloody Mary – Tremendosaur

The boys from Tremendosaur find that Bloody Mary is scarier on a whole new crappy level.


Bloody Murray

Some spirits just don’t have as much spirit.


Paranormal Activity 3 Spoof

Mary is a real queen.


Vampire Bill's Cooking Show: True Bloody Mary Bill makes a Bloody Mary

This might not be scary, or the same kind of Bloody Mary, but OMG it deserves to be on this list for…. Just…WTF-edness


Pararnormal activity 3 Bloody Mary spoof

It’s that old philosophical question: If a ghost appears in the dark, does anybody see it?