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The best intros to shows that never were…

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Sometimes it only takes a clever intro to get you hooked on a show. But in an Ashton Kutcher worthy social experiment what happens if those shows never even existed?! Get hooked on these intros for shows that never were, or came close to being but failed.


Naked Babies

An intro from a show that never was, that never ends.


Everyone I know

Pretty sure the was what Shameless was based on


Failed Scifi Pilot Intro

A quick break over to Galitron 59 for this sci fi intro spoof.


Homefront TV Show Intro

Here’s a fan film/intro for Homefront that basically looks better than everything I’ve seen from the new Red Dawn movie…


Portal 2 Mad Men Intro

This is an epic Mash up of the past and the future and portal technologies!

Honestly I’m saddedned there wasn’t an infinte loop of falling.


Really Confusing TV Intro

and then this happened

So with that, let’s wrap things up before they even get started and turn in for a nice cup of gelato, and maybe travel back in time some how to fix the past through a series of clues planted in tattooed women that show up on my front stoop every morning, in show I call Morning Wood.