Mark Sanchez Proof The End Is Near!

Forget the Mayans, James LeBeau gives us the creepy evidence via the Jets QB that proves the end is near!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

As any Tom, Dick or speculative internet blog can tell you, there are some out there that believe the world is going to end on December 22, 2012. For those of you who are now panicking and in case this is your first time hearing this, that day will be when the Mayan calender ends. Without delving into the complex and unique history of the Mayans, let's just call this Y2K on crack.

While this pleasant train of thought is rattling around in the old brain-pan, let's get into some evidence that this thinking might be true. This proof comes in the form of the starting quarterback of the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez, or more commonly referred to in New York City as 'that-insert favorite swear word- bum', hasn't quite had the season that every Jets fan has hoped for. Sitting at 2-3 and battling through a years worth of injuries already, it's safe to say that if the world were to end in December, this New York team would be hard pressed to notice.

But as interesting as the Jets woes are to those non-gangrene, our mission here today is to show proof that Sanchez holds the key to the fate of the world!

That proof can be found in some very telling statistics that Sanchez has compiled so far this season. With his dismal Monday night performance in the Jets 24-17 loss to the Houston Texans, Sanchez's quarterback rating has fallen to…

Wait for it…


That's right, the biblical sign of the devil and Mark Sanchez are now linked! But hold on shocked sports fans, there's more. For the season, Sanchez has thrown six touchdowns, six interceptions and is averaging 6.6 yards per pass attempt.

Will someone please give Rex Ryan some holy water and tell him NOT to put it on the evil Sanchez's feet!

Why this doesn't necessarily mean that the end of the world is is just a couple of short months away, it is an odd series of coincidences that innocently points to Sanchez possibly being the living personification of evil.

Isn't Tim Tebow looking more and more appealing by the second?

Now, before anyone runs out and purchases some pitchforks, matches and a plane ticket to the Big Apple, there is a chance that this is just some mathematical coincidence. I mean, it would be just plain silly to put any stock in a bunch of stats that came together after the Jets played on the 666th Monday night football game.


Just to be on the safe side though, I recommend living life to the fullest, atoning for any sins, and not letting any Jets coaches take you shoe shopping. And no, you can never have too many Rex Ryan-foot jokes in one article. It's like Jello, there's always room for more.

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Photo Credit: Rich Graessle/Icon SMI