DVD Rental Redbox Canada Expanding

Kiosk company will now be set up in Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

While movie rental companies have been going belly up in the past several months, the new DVD company Redbox Canada has announced that Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. and Loblaw Companies Ltd. will be dedicating spaces in their stores for their rental kiosks.

Redbox carries new release movies and games, plus popular titles from years past, where consumers can browse and reserve movies right from their phone. The Redbox mobile apps are free to install through iPhone and Androids. The U.S. based company recently surpassed 2 billion rentals at its current 30,000 kiosks. As of March, Redbox had average monthly of 59 million with up to 40 rentals every second. The agreement with Shoppers and Loblaws is a part of its new Canadian rollout plan, which kicked off this past summer.

More than 2500 kiosks will be set up across the country by the end of next year. South of the border, 68% of the U.S. population lived within a five-minute drive of a Redbox rental kiosk.

"The closing of Blockbuster and other video stores left people in the lurch," said Scott McInnes, CEO and Founder of DVDNow Kiosks, to Digital Journal. "People have invested heavily in high-quality home entertainment systems with Blu-ray and large LCD or plasma TVs and they want to watch movies that take full advantage of their systems. Video streaming doesn't compare."

Photo: http://www.redbox.com