5 Hilarious Al Pacino Prank Calls!

Michael Corleone sure knows how to wreck your day!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

What do a couple of guys, a case of beer, an Al Pacino soundboard and the desire to ruin someone's day produce? The funniest prank phone calls, ever. Shame on these people for not knowing the Oscar-winning actor when they hear him. 

We here on CRAVE have found some of the internets best Pacino prank calls, made solely of the need to piss people off. And we LOVE uncomfortbale situations. Take a look and see who Al Pacino calls this week:


1. Al Pacino calls a Limo Driver: 

If this is the case, Mr. Pacino should probably steer clear of Long Island all together. 


2. Al Pacino calls an angry Black Guy: 

That went from zero to sixty… fast. 


3. Al Pacino calls a Wannabe:

So that's what Kevin Federline's been doing all this time…


4. Al Pacino calls the Pawn Shop: 

Poor Pawn Shop Man should know better than to dance with the devil. 


5. Al Pacino calls the Bank:

Let's see Bill Hader beat this!


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