Funny Pages – The Great Returns

Don’t call it a come back, call it funny, maybe.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

A lot of big returns and faces from the past show up on today’s videos, including out favorite Denver based comedy troupe… and as far as I know, the only Denver based comedy troupe. Mario’s got a blast from the past and needs to blast off and more great comedy. All here today for the low , low price of STFU and watch these videos!


Dailymotion  – The Grawlix Ep. 9 "Stalk On" (link)

The Denver trio are back and find that the true mark of fame is a stalker… sadly only Adam’s got one.

The Grawlix Ep. 9 "Stalk On" by Brothers Nix


Break  – Sluts – Your New Halloween Anthem (link)

Some chick actually figured out a way to slut up a Bane costume, and now I’m so… so confused.


College Humor – Jake And Amir: Milk Man Part 1 (with Ben Schwartz) (link)

Speaking of come backs, Ben Schwartz returns to Jake and Amir for a little milky fun.


Dorkly – Mario's Ex (link)

Well look who’s back, Pauline. And here Donkey Kong is crying himself to sleep alone in the fetal position.


Funny Or Die – Frenemies 2 with Eliza Coupe (link)

Some friends are better left behind.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.


Now go forth and get along little doggie.

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