Exclusive Video Interviews: Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (Part 1)

Grae Drake interviews Steven Bauer, Ana Ularu, Rachel DiPillo and Adam Croasdell about their new action-horror film.

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"I just really like using a quill!"

Who would win in a fight: Manny from Scarface or Steven Bauer's new character in Werewolf: The Beast Among Us? Grae Drake of Rotten Tomatoes Radio got the answer for us right here at CraveOnline! She flew all the way to Romania to interview the cast and filmmakers behind the new horror thriller, available now on DVD and Blu-ray. Today, she talks to Steven Bauer (Scarface), Ana Ularu (Anacondas: Trail of Blood), Rachel DiPillo ("The Gates") and Adam Croasdell ("The Eastenders") about their badass characters in the film. Later in the week we'll be back with more interviews and a look at the weaponry in Werewolf: The Beast Among Us.