Dynamite Nabs Mark Waid for ‘Green Hornet,’ Garth Ennis for ‘Red Team’

Ennis' book will launch a new line of crime series for the company, and Waid will follow Matt Wagner's lead.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Green Hornet Year One

Dynamite Entertainment today busted out a couple of press releases announcing projects with big-name writers. For one, Mark Waid – who is also about to take on The Indestructible Hulk as well as his duties on Daredevil – will be working on The Green Hornet in 2013, with Paolo Rivera as a cover artist.

"It should come as little surprise that I have an affinity for all costumed crimefighters no matter if their adventures are 'period pieces' or not – heroism is heroism regardless of whatever year's on the calendar," Waid says.  "With this Green Hornet project, which I've been percolating on for more than ten years, I'm able to meld my love of the Hornet's legacy with a little bit of Citizen Kane and a lot of Lawrence of Arabia to tell a story never before told–the dark years of the Hornet's later career and the one mistake he makes that nearly costs him everything."

"Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason," added Nick Barrucci, president of Dynamite.  "We've wanted to work with Mark nearly since Dynamite's inception. We first approached him about writing a Red Sonja mini-series, but Mark wasn't familiar with the character and passed.  Over the years we've approached Mark about various projects, but his schedule did not allow.  We've always wanted a strong writer to write the original Green Hornet, as Matt Wagner has done a fantastic job on Green Hornet: Year One.  And since Green Hornet: Year One, we hadn't found the right writer for a new series.  When Mark's schedule allowed for us to finally work together, I asked which character(s) he would like to write.  Right off the bat, he said the Green Hornet.  I said 'Yes!'.  It was perfect for everyone.  It took awhile, and I'm proud to say we're working with Mark Waid on a Green Hornet series, and it is worth the wait.  Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason."


Might I add that "President of Dynamite" is an awesome job title. I would like to be Vice President of C4.


Anyway, that's not all the Dyna-Folk had today, as they've also announced a new line of crime books is in the works, to be kickstarted by Garth Ennis' Red Team, illustrated by Craig Cermak, which will focus on a major-crimes unit in the NYPD who do some bad things. Ennis describes it thusly: ""Earlier this year, the four members of the NYPD's elite strike unit Red Team decided to murder a suspect. And the worst possible thing that could happen… happened!"

For his part, Cermak is excited to be a part of it.  "It's such a huge honor to work with someone as high caliber as Garth Ennis on a brand new series. Dark and moody are what I think some of my strong points are artistically, and that is what this series has. Interesting characters, a great premise, and hard situations. Being able to step into this world is such a treat to draw and I'm pushing to really deliver the quality it deserves."

"We've been working on putting together a line of crime books for quite a bit of time, but needed to ensure we had the right caliber of creators," Barrucci said.  "We've had conversations with multiple creators over time, and as luck would have it, in the last few months, quite a few were coming to fruition.  The timing to announce and launch Garth Ennis' Red Team seems ideal with the end of The Boys nearing.  And this is a huge project for Craig, one in which he's earned.  This is the first of multiple titles in our crime line-up that are being announced this week.  The excitement will build with tomorrow's announcement featuring a high-profile writer whose exclusive contract has recently ended and will be working with Dynamite for the first time."

Now who might that be? Stay tuned. It's NYCC week – the week of lots of big news to come.