The Case of the Sherlock Parodies

Some elementary divine parodies.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

 With months and months to go before any new Sherlock episodes even begin production, and only Elementary to abide our time by I’ve deduced we need a list of Sherlock Spoofs to keep the case open. Here’s a clue: VIDEOS!

Dawson Bros. Funtime: "Sherlock"

Lets start things out with this epic video from BBC Comedy


Sherlock Parody – The Consultant

Sherlock breaks a big case in this video, which is… creating this video.


SHINee – Sherlock (Parody)

And now… over to a bizarre land of magic and song for this…


Russian Sherlock Holmes Parody

Let’s take a quick look at how the Russians do Holmes.


Sherlock (parody) | Chris Kendall

and finally we come to this… the horrible truth behind Sherlock Holmes. Look familiar? Deduce that!


Sherlock Spoof | CheekTV

And finally the weirdest thing I came across while creating this list.

Enjoy and if you’ve found any other great Sherlock parodies, leave a link in the descriptions!