Seahawks Shatter An NFL ‘Truth’

The shocking statistic that Seattle defeated on Sunday may get a huge monkey off their back.

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

Most folks outside the great northwest won’t think much of Seattle’s win over the Carolina Panthers, but it very well might have shattered the foundation of the National Football League.

I’m serious, folks.

There are certain certainties that are always certain. Lock down rules that can be locked away. Absolutes that absolutely …. Okay, you get the idea.

In the NFL there are quite a few things that you can bank on.

The Ravens will play with strong defense. The Eagles will be pass heavy. The Browns will suck every year. Don’t bet against Peyton in domes on Monday night. The Dolphins will struggle in the snow. The Raiders will draft against conventional wisdom. Jim Harbaugh will have a cocky smirk on his face. Calvin Johnson will catch just about anything thrown his way. Jay Cutler knows how to take a sack…and Marshawn Lynch will get Skittles after a touchdown.

These certainties may not be scientific absolute, but more times than not they are true. In football terms, that is as close to a guarantee that we’re ever going to get.

Speaking of Lynch and the Seahawks, there is one more rock solid rule. The Seattle Seahawks suck on the road.

They have won a whopping 8 games since 2008. That’s an 8 – 27 record or 27 percent for you math geeks. It’s one of the worst road records of any team. Even worse, three of those wins were in St. Louis when the Rams were in the basement, two other division games, and two against the Bears.

That leaves just one quality non-conference victory for the Seahawks on the road. Just one in over four years. Like I said, Seattle sucks as bad on the road as they are awesome at home. (Seriously, can’t they buy some plane tickets for the 12th Man?). It might be the west coast challenge of having to travel across country extended out for the even greater distance from the remotest NFL city. Regardless, until they overcome their impotence on the road, they won’t step up in the power rankings.

On Sunday, the Seahawks defeated the Panthers 16-12. Even more surprisingly, they traveled across country to beat Carolina.

They did it with great all-around team play, which is a good sign they overcame whatever funky stink is coated on them. Five different receivers had at least 10 yards total. The Defense contained Cam Newton to under 50 percent on completions and only 42 yards rushing.

Maybe the wake up can be attributed to starting quarterback Russell Wilson and his homecoming back to the Carolinas. He played college football at North Carolina State before returning to Wisconsin. He did throw for a new personal best, 221 yards for an average of 8.8 yards.

Wilson did throw two interceptions while giving up a safety. But…. Meh, no one is perfect.

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