Podcast Review: Fatman on Batman w/ KEVIN SMITH

Get the skinny on Kevin Smith’s new podcast all about the Dark Knight

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Whether you love the work of geek demi-god Kevin Smith or you hate him with every fiber of your being, it’s hard to deny the fact that the filmmaker, podcaster, writer, actor, and professional talker hasn’t had a significant influence on geekdom and popular resurgence of fan-boy-mania.

Smith, who seems to have a new project debuting just about every month, brings you his latest: “Fatman on Batman,” a podcast which dissects the mythos of The Dark Knight, while providing a well-timed chuckle or two. Each episode, Smith sits down with the likes of Paul Dini from the Batman: The Animated Series of the 90’s, or Mark Hamill, who has worked extensively as the voice of The Joker in movies, TV, and video games. Even Smith himself has vast knowledge of Gotham’s Caped Crusader working on titles like Batman: Cacophony and Widening Gyre. And if you’re a fan of Smith’s, you probably know him to be an authority on all things Batman.

What’s in it for you: Smith’s laid-back interview style and comedic delivery make the podcast enjoyable even for people that aren’t hardcore Batman fans. And any novices will find the new facts and insight incredibly interesting. For those who live and die by the Dark Knight, they too will enjoy the insight provided by the people who know Batman best.

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