10 “Afro Circus” Remixes

Da da dada da da da Afro! Circus!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

I wasn’t planning to see Madagascar 3, and now that I’ve seen a very short clip replayed hundreds of times, I feel like somehow I’ve seen too much. The internets took a weird, annoying 10 second song by Marty the Zebra (voiced by Chris Rock) and turned it into the lulziest sample of the summer. Can you stand listening to all of these 10 Afro Circus remixes? Da da dada da da…


The Original: Marty’s “Afro Circus” Song

So, for whatever reason, that happens in the film. Then these happened…


Everyday I’m Afro Circus (LMFAO Version)

I’d rather be shuffling?


Circus Afro Baby (Justin Bieber Version)

Slowly but surely, Zebra steals the video from Justin.


Call Me Afro Circus (Carly Rae Jepsen Version)

Wait for it…


Hard Afro Clown – DJ Swank

That is one hard clown beat.


Circus Ships (Nicki Minaj)

Polka dot afro? Yeah, I think I’ve seen Nicki Minaj wear something like that.


What Makes Your Circus Afro Beautiful (One Direction Version)

I’m heading in one direction – away from the theater playing Madagascar 3.


Nyan Circus (Nyan Cat Version)

Music to commit suicide to.


Afro Circus Polkadot Polkadot (qwks micks) – Cotton & Gin

That picture of the animals all looking at me will give me nightmares, I know it.


Dreamworks’ Official Remix

In this version, a character acknowledges the annoyingness of the song, and it’s only a minute long clip. Could he handle…


The 10 Minute Version

I made it 38 seconds.


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