Exclusive ‘Burn Notice’ Seasons 1 Through 5 Infograph

Catch up with the story of Michael and Fiona all the way from the beginning!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

This Thursday, "Burn Notice" returns for its sixth season on USA as Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse Porter (Coby Bell) try to bring down Anson Fullerton (Jere Burns) and free Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar) from prison. But things are never easy in Miami, so expect lots of explosions and gunfire before all is said and done…

To celebrate the new season of "Burn Notice" and the recently released DVD set of "Burn Notice" season 5, Fox TV Studios has provided CraveOnline with an exclusive Infograph that tracks the major events of the first five seasons of "Burn Notice." Enjoy!


FF Cover

Don't miss the sixth season premiere of "Burn Notice," this Thursday, June 14 on USA!