Favorite MTV Movie Awards Shorts

Take a trip into the past greatness of the MTV Movie Awards.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

The MTV movie awards used to be fantastic. A wonderful, summertime show that took the time to deliver wonderful punchlines and parody some the year's best and most sucessful films. Now, it just seems to be a three-hour long commercial with tons of Twlight worship in between.

We here at CRAVE have taken it upon ourselves to bring you the best MTV Movie Awards Shorts that the internet has to offer, before they are inevitably taken down by Viacom. Hit's from the "golden age" of the nineties, right up until the past couple years. 

Take a look: 


1. Will Ferrell in THE MATRIX.

Classic Ferrell, BTN (Before Talladega Nights)


2. William Shatner in SE7EN. 

Shatner, believe it or not, was 89 at the time this was filmed. 



Do not care what anyone thinks, Andy Dick has still got it. 


4. Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and James Cameron for TITANIC 2. 

Funny in 1997. Realistic for 2017. 


5. Mike Meyers in SCREAM.

There is no reason, none, why Mike Meyers shouldn't do more live action. Oh, that's right, The Love Guru.


6. Adam West and the Riddler in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE

Fun Fact: Adam West was young at one point. 



Greatest MTV Short of ALL TIME.