Funny Pages – What the Crap?!

Some times Viral videos are just full of it!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

I’m not saying these are the crappiest videos on the internet, but some of these are really full of … bunk! From the funniest video hosting sites on the web, it’s time for the funny pages to show you what’s being featured on the internet… ever if it’s Shlitz!


Stressed Out Cat Gets Relaxing Massage (link)

The weekend is fast approaching, so take in a massage like this cat. Oh yea, that’s how I like it baby. You’re a machine! Me-ow, more like Me-yum!


Break  – Criminals Pick Wrong Gas Station To Rob (link)

Best security cam footage, ever. This is like that old saying it takes a village to stand in line and take turns beating up a really stupid criminal. Seriously, best ever.


Podpocalypse – Reset Your Password (link)

Featuring the amazingly cute Caitlin Downing, this video speaks out to something we can all throw a giant submit fit about.


College Humor – The Hunger Games Unabridged (link)

The Hunger games is full of Sh%^&t, for real.


Funny Or Die – Lady Time (link)

Our buddy Betsy Sodaro returns in this gaggle of girls that are full of hor air… and Sh%^&t!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and grab a tight SH%^&T!

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