Adam Carolla Pokes Fun at Kings Fans

[Video] The former Man Show co-host appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live decked out in Kings gear, calling out some fans in the process.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

While the Los Angeles Kings were trying to finish off the New Jersey Devils and win the
franchise’s first-ever Stanley Cup on Wednesday night, Adam Carolla appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a Kings uniform, complete with helmet and rollerblades.

Taking a jab at Los Angeles fans for coming out of the woodwork during the Kings’ historic playoff run,
the former Man Show star admitted that he’s “not a bandwagon guy.”

Carolla goes on to tell a story about how his father used to take him to Kings games at the Staples
Center when he was a child – despite the fact that the arena opened in 1999.

“I was always talking about the Kings,” Carolla joked to Kimmel. “I've been a King-natic, I call it, for many

Here’s the full clip:

The Kings lost to the Devils 3-1 Wednesday night, so the “King-natic” will have to wait a few more days before his “favorite” team once again attempts to capture the Stanley Cup.

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