Celtics Tweet Their Confidence

Boston may have been blown out in Game 6, but they are still packing for the Finals.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

After “witnessing” perhaps the greatest playoff game ever played by the Miami Heat's LeBron James in the Heats 98-79 Game 6 win at Boston, it would be understandable if the Boston Celtics were a little anxious about returning to Miami for a possible encore in Game 7. However if they are, they are showing it in an odd and possibly stupid way.

Early Thursday morning on the Celtics Twitter account, @Celtics, an image was posted that contained a very pointed four word message that was up in the team's locker room. The message simply read 'Pack for a week'.

Image taken from Celtics Twitter account


This message, delivered in the most simplest manner, can be taken as a clear indication that the Celtics do not have losing on their minds heading into Saturday night. If the Celtics top the Heat in this crucial Game 7, the team would then fly immediately to Oklahoma City for the first two games of the NBA Finals, thus the need for extra clothes.

With this being posted for the public to see, it's almost a sure thing that it's going to be blown way out of proportion. The truth of the matter is, though, is that the message is more about being ready for any eventuality as opposed to it being a prideful boast about winning.

The simple fact is that if the Celtics win, then they will need the extra clothes, thus the reminder. It's not like they are going to write a sign that says, “don't worry about the extra clothes, we won't need them”.

No, they, like the Heat, are going to lace up on Saturday night with the full expectations of winning the game and moving on. If they thought otherwise, then they shouldn’t have even boarded on the plane.

Now, it may not have the most prudent thing to post this message publicly. You don't want to give the other team bulletin board material. But hey, this is the Celtics after all. Kevin Garnett probably made sure it was posted and personally sent to the Heat locker room.

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