12 Funny Videos About YouTube Commenters


Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The ability to post videos online for free is a beautiful thing. Not so beautiful: the comments that you’ll find underneath those videos. YouTube commenters post some sick, strange sh*t, and comedians have definitely taken notice. Here are 10 funny videos about YouTube commenters:


YouTube Commenters

A motley crew of a-holes.


Internet Commenter Business Meeting

I’m sending this company my resume.


The Comments Section



Truth Rage: YouTube Commenters

To be fair, whenever you say “first,” YouTube sends you a giant trophy.


47 Seconds

There’s a gun for that.


Shit YouTube Commenters Say

There’s never anyone around to high-five, damn it.


Internet Comment Etiquette: “Viral Videos”

Sh*t Etiquette Experts Say.


YouTube Comment Fight!

I’d order this PPV.


Five Minutes Back

This is why we can’t have nice things. Like time travel.


YouTube Commenters Book Club

Now this is a book club, and by that I mean, it’s not a book club at all.


Internet Commenter Funeral

Elastic corn ruins another funeral.


“Thank You Hater!” – Clever Pie and Isabel Fay

…and the Tony goes to…


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