Hilarious Vids of Musical Theatre Gone Wrong

There is literally nothing funnier than watching a five-year-old face plant while playing Peter Pan.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Did you ever have the dream of growing up to preform on stage; singing, dancing, twirling, and belting high notes? A lot of people did. Some of them becase very sucessful, and some of them quit acting because they snapped their femur when the support line for thier stage-right exit snapped and they went careening into the audience… And maybe they're a bitter twenty-something writing an article making fun of it becasue they're dead inside. 

Anyways, we here at CRAVE have once again scoured the internet to find you some of the funniest mishaps that have taken place during a live show. Some of them are painful, some are funny, but all of them will make you glad to not be on stage.

Take a look:

Don't drink warm milk before a choir concert:

That poor girl. Little did she know a lot of people make good money in the adult industry doing this. 


Never fly in from the rafters:

Didn't these people learn anything from the death of Owen Hart?


That's a lot of blood:

Did the other actress not notice SHE WAS COVERED IN HER OWN BLOOD?


… The harder the fall:

Holy sh*t, her children are going to be brain damaged from that one!


Drunk Peter Pan:

Peter either had a bottle of Jack Daniels in his blood, or was lacking a chormosome.


Peter Pan steals your children and flies them into walls:

We missed the part in the story when the Wendy lady arrives in Neverland covered in shards of glass.


Cinderella and forward momentum don't mix: 

She's never gonna get to the Ball if she has a broken collarbone.


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