Let’s Get it On – Best Relationship videos

Get it on, bring it home, and learn to date through comedy.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From finding the perfect mate, learning the bedroom tango and keeping it up. These videos will teach you everything.


Getting It Off

Wendy Mccool and Josh Fadem have a hard time, getting off to getting it on.


He Said. She Said. (short film comedy)

Dating, Dinning and Romance all wrapped up in less than 5 minutes (which is about average for the sex life of the American male).



Finding the perfect girlfriend is man’s biggest challenge. Sometimes dating is hard, and sometimes so are the chicks. In this interactive video series starting our buddy Jason Horton, you’re given the ultimate challenge… the Butterdick.


Date Oopsie

Once you’ve found the right guy or girl, it’s time to take the first steps to a relationship. But beware taking your ‘the one’ back to your casa, cause things will never be the same. No matter what happens, you’re in for an eye opening experience. Also Angela Trimburs butt.


Busted: I like Myself

Once you’ve built that relationship remember there are pitfalls and challenges that will always arise. And Facbeook can be a point of contention for any couple. The true dangers of facebook have never been so eye opening!


The Coupon Book – Sex Acts for the Emotionally Challenged

Remember once you’ve reeled in your significant other, keep the spark alive with some romantic evenings and gifts.