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Inner city was never as real as the moonwalk.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From the long awaited return of one of TV’s grittiest shows, turned Musical to a very important public service announcement, a death defying lunch break, and the best videos from the funniest websites online.


Dailymotion  – COFFEES (link)

It all begins with coffees, and goes downhill from there, very downhill. Like Jonah Downhill, or is it all in his head?


Podpocalypse  – Vertical Video Syndrome (link)

This is a Public Service Announcement that’s been a long time coming, and dear God stop George Lucas from monetizing our dreams!


Break – Dangerous Place To Read A Book (link)

This is like the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever watched, especially with it’s soundlessness.


College Humor – Jake and Amir: Reddit (link)

Jake and Amir, tackle Reddit, and being jerks to each other… still.


UCB Comedy – Animated Stories Presents: I Was An Evil Baby Chris (link)

Once again my favorite thing UCB is doing, with an NPR feel to it. Every week a group of storytellers tell a story, a winner is selected and their story is turned in to an animated video by a professional animator.

Chris Gethard was an evil baby, who gave evil genus Tomas Edison a run for the money of evilest person in Jew Jersey.


Funny Or Die – The Wire: The Musical with Michael Kenneth Williams (link)

The Musical where they will allow you to experience America's failing drug war through the magic of song!


Yay the Wire is back! I hope there’s a lot of crouching and snapping, cause that’s tight.


Coming up OZ the dance troop competition!

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and groove on.

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