Funny Pages – The Internet Attacks

All of the internet is here… FOR YOU!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From epic beer tricks, and slow motion puppy footage to an all out attack of the internet on the one remaining bastion of purity… Pintrest.


Dailymotion  – GoPro HD Camera on Puppies and in Slow Motion! (link)

Prepare for you doooooom. This slow mo footage of puppies at play are just a glimpse for the thrashing you’re surely in for when the internet attacks!


Break  – Waking Up Next To Girlfriend's Mother Prank (link)

Break is quickly becoming our source for pranks, and commercials… so this combo of a sunscreen commercial that wants you against the ills of the sun turning your beautiful girlfriend in to her mom is perfect.

PS if my wife is reading this… do not attempt this! Danger! I’m just surprised none of these ended with… “yea, so.. um.. you’re mom is your grandmom!”


College Humor – The Fall of Pinterest (link)

The internet is under attack… well specifically pintrest, and it’s the internet that’s attacking it. So… there’s that.

Seriously, I could watch an hour of this.


Dorkly – Title (link)

Along time ago, I warned people to keep an eye out for Ben Swartz… and finally you see why. Yes, forget that whole writing for late night, or being on that show with Don Cheadle … this is finally the accomplishment we knew he would climb the Hollywood ladder to achieve!

Here take this…. Crap.


UCB Comedy – Unfair Charades (link)

And once again UCB has found it’s once a week time to feature something, somewhat decent.

Funny Or Die – Hey, Pass Me A Beer! (link)

Remember folks do not attempt this at home, this was create by professional beersperts. No beers were harmed in the making of this viral video.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and attack!

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