Top 5 Zombie Prank Videos

The Zombie Apocalypse is probably never going to happen, but that shouldn't stop you from pretending.  

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro


The Insensitive Miami Zombie Attack Prank

Just days after it was reported that a homeless man in Miami had his face eaten on the street by a naked guy, this prankster decided to capitalise on the city's fear of the apparently encroaching zombie apocalypse by chasing people around with a blood-stained shirt and growling at them. As you might imagine, a few of the unsuspecting victims of the prank didn't take too kindly to this.



With no proper context given to the above video I can only assume that it is a clip of a Japanese gameshow in which the objective is to turn your children into warped serial killers.


Derren Brown Warps a Guy's Perception of Reality

Derren Brown would probably prefer to call this a "psychological experiment" rather than a prank, but it's difficult to imagine him not watching the footage of this back without stroking his shit goatee and laughing like a criminal mastermind.


The Ol' "Put a Dead Guy in the Back of a Taxi" Trick

…and the "Fuck That Shit" award goes to the guy at the 2:36 mark.


"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow…"

Forget the dead old bloke, the one thing that should be laid to rest is this guy's singing voice.


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