Exclusive Clip: Ryan Reynolds Fights Joel Kinnaman in Safe House

Go behind the scenes of the nastiest fight in Safe House in this exclusive preview of the Blu-ray.

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"I'm going to drink a whole bottle of Grey Goose vodka. That should put me at level again."

The Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds thriller Safe House impressed audiences when it was released last February, thanks to a combination of star chemistry and rough and tumble thrills. Now you can take a look behind the scenes of Safe House in this exclusive clip from today's Blu-ray release, showing the ins, outs and painful stories behind Reynold's climactic fight with Joel Kinnaman, the star of AMC's "The Killing" and the upcoming Robocop reboot. It's but one of the many special features available on the home video release of the popular action hit. Check it out now.