A Tribute To Trololo

In honor of the late Eduard Khil, here are 10 of his greatest internet hits.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Some call him the Ultimate Troll. Others have dubbed his classic video the Russian Rickroll. He's even been parodied on Family Guy. Though his meme stands proudly in the Internets Hall of Fame, singer Eduard Khil recently passed away. Lets honor his famous Trololo with a few classic LOLs created by folks on the interwebs:


Eduard Khil – “I am Glad, ‘cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home”

The Trololo that started it all-olo.



It’s okay to feed this troll. He’s cool.



He turned this whole meme upside down.


Beatbox Dog

Man or Dogman?


Trololoyan Cat

I’m sure, when Eduard first sang the song, he imagined it would become something like this.


Team Fortress 2

Pyrololo, lol.


Trolling Dooku

I’ve got a bad feeling about this Trololo guy.


Rainbow Road

Somewhere… over the rainbow road… uh… this.


Metal Cover



Trolololol Minus Trololol

And now you know.


10 Hour Version

Still not enough.


Eduard Khil in 2012

Rest in Peace.


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