5 Insane Museums

Bunnies, Torture and Clowns! Didn't you want to learn more today?!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Whether you are a museum fan or not, I feel like these places have something to offer everyone! Make sure to click the links to really indulge a healthy dose of crazy. And just because it's a little insane doesn't mean it's bad! Open your minds people, and let these museums wash over you.

…but not literally. Because you'd be dead.


5. The Phallus Museum

In Iceland I hear it can get a little cold. There are things in this museum that obviously don't show this issue bothers them. Book your trip today!


4. Torture Museum

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From full-scale recreations of torture scenes to a real life Iron Maiden, this is a museum that SCREAMS fun! Thought smoking weed and getting awesome prostitutes was the only thing to do in Amsterdam? WRONG!


3. International Clown Hall of Fame

There are a ton of people that find clowns scary. Honestly, I don't find clowns that creepy. Or insane. Some of my best friends are clowns. But forming an alliance with the guys from American Pickers?! That's crazy. I dunno, check it out for yourself.

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2. The Mutter Museum

After ingesting a few Philly cheesesteaks all I want to do is look at genetic accidents, babys in jars, and "the world's most compacted colon"! But it isn't all freaky-looking twins and penises growing out of heads…wait, it kind of is.

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1. The Bunny Museum

This couple is completely estatic that they're sharing every day of their lives surrounded by over 28,000 pieces of bunny memoribilia. No matter how happy they are, their museum looks like the work of the world's most obsessive hoarder. A bunny hoarder.

And if they really care about communicating joy, I suggest that they change their symbol into something more welcoming than a satan-possessed white rabbit.

"The bunny hungers…"


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